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The Helpinstill Magnetic Piano Pickup System

In the world of microphones, the Helpinstill Piano Sensor™ is unique.

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The only magnetic pickup system made for piano, the Helpinstill is the perfect solution to amplify your piano’s sound. Every unit is hand-crafted with the attention to quality sound and precision design that established Helpinstill’s world-wide reputation. Helpinstill was the first name in piano pickups, and the very first unit was even bought by Elton John in 1972.

Today, major artists, churches, and other state-of-the-art sound installations use a Helpinstill piano pickup system when a microphone just won’t cut it. In most applications micing the piano, it's the only thing that really works! When compared to piano pickups, microphones are more susceptible to feedback and bleed-through, resulting in lower-quality amplification. So, if you want the clearest sound when amplifying your piano through a sound system, the Helpinstill is the perfect solution.

Mistake !

The Biggest Mistake You Could Make Micing Your Piano is to Use a Mic!


Pickups vs. Mics in the Real World

The only way to achieve complete sound isolation is with a Helpinstill piano pickup; microphones just won’t cut it. We have been telling people for years that you can't use a mic on a piano to make it louder. The concept is simple: the SPL inside a piano is usually lower than the sounds originating around it. One tech recently called it, "The other room mic." Only the Helpinstill with complete isolation can cause the piano to be heard distinctly through a sound system.

New Helpinstill Book Now Available!

New Helpinstill Book Now Available!

Ezra Charles Helpinstill spent the recent pandemic writing this new book that tells all the "Backstories" of his adventures and contacts as a musician and inventor.

Price of $25 includes free shipping to U.S. addresses. It will soon be available as ebook and audiobook, but for now only in softcover. Every copy ordered through this site will be personally autographed by Mr. Helpinstill, and dedicated to anyone you specify.

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Here is an unsolicited field report from one of our recent customers that pretty much sums it up:

"We are in love with the pickup. Not only did it carry us through our Jazz festival but it shined this past Sunday when our Steinway was competing with the 20 piece Cape Ann Big Band. The piano was tucked all the way stage right with a wall on one side, full drum set on the other, lid closed and a super reverb firing under the tail. I was able to just sit at FOH and blend it in with the horns without any concerns. Our DPA’s had no chance…tons of bleed and phasing. The Helpinstill didn’t even flinch. Thank you again for an amazing product!"

Scott Rodgers, Director of Technical Operations, Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport MA

"This is a total game-changer. Thank you! The model 280 arrived before 10am, we had it installed quickly, and for the first time in an amplified group setup, i can hear every note I’m playing with total clarity. Bravo!"

Jon Parker (Stewart Copeland Tour) March 30, 2016

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Look What You Get with a Helpinstill:

No Feedback

The Helpinstill doesn't "hear" any soundwaves through the air, as when piano miking is usually done with microphones. It senses the string movements magnetically at the speed of light to produce a signal. When we hear this signal through speakers, we recognize it as the sound of the piano!

No Bleedthrough

For the same reason that feedback is practically impossible, the signal from the Helpinstill contains no sounds of other instruments around the piano.

Clear Sound

Unlike pickups on the soundboard that produce a wooden, colored sound, or conventional microphones, which can make the piano sound far away, the Helpinstill sends the original vibrations of the strings (the source of the piano's sound) directly to your speakers where the piano sound is reproduced.

Even Keyboard

Every note on the piano can be exactly the same volume, eliminating dead zones and weak areas.

Simple Installation

The Helpinstill fits on a grand piano in about 15 minutes without tools. Nothing touches the piano except padded surfaces - no drilling, no screws, no adhesives.

No Maintenance

Our passive models use no batteries, no phantom or any other power. This means no upkeep on Models 120,125,180,135 or 280 & 240 (No Mixer). Other models with powered mixers just need a power connection, of course.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not convinced the Helpinstill is the answer to all your piano mic'ing problems, you can send it back to us anytime in the first 90 days for a complete refund, no questions asked.

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Helpinstill Piano Pickups are solving the problem of hearing the piano clearly for congregations all over the country. Whether used in Traditional or Contemporary services, the Helpinstill ends the problems associated with using acoustic pianos. Click on the link below to see a map of the U. S. with the locations of churches using a Helpinstill. Contact one near you to ask them how they like it!

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Concert Halls

Whenever piano is used in the company of amplified instruments, there is a need for faithful reinforcement of the piano sound. The Helpinstill systems accomplish this perfectly.

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Touring Acts

The original Helpinstill Piano Pickups used by Elton John, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and hundreds of other acts in the 70's could take two hours or more to install! They put up with it for the sound, but you don't have to - the latest models take only about 15 minutes to put on, and sound even better. Helpinstill systems are currently on tour with Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, Lady Gaga, NIls Frahm, Coldplay, Low Cut Connie and many others, providing them with the purest, most versatile piano signal ever!