The Best Way to Mic a Piano for a Church Service

The Best Way to Mic a Piano for a Church Service

From the cantillation of the Torah to performing contemporary Christian songs with relevant messages, music has formed part of religious services for centuries. Music is memorable, and pairing important words with music embeds these messages in our minds. As religious songwriting becomes more contemporary and sophisticated, so do the ways in which we hear them at services, with more and more churches boasting state-of-the-art sound systems. One small problem: the traditional acoustic grand piano, a backbone of nearly every genre of religious and secular music, isn’t always conducive to microphone-based amplification. You can place mics inside, next to, or all around your piano and still find this deeply important instrument getting lost in the crowd. The best way to mic a piano for a church service is not with a mic at all, but with the Helpinstill piano sensor. Here’s why.

Microphones Catch Competing Instruments

Contemporary Christian music ensembles often feature the same instrumentation as most rock bands: vocals, piano, electric guitars, electric bass, and a drum set. Already, the piano is at a disadvantage: the guitars and bass are making use of amplification as designed, and drums and cymbals are naturally very loud. What’s more, a vocalist singing directly into a microphone can easily surpass 100 decibels—more than a piano can generate. A microphone near the piano does amplify the piano. But it also amplifies everything else.

Isolate the Piano

The solution is to look to the electric guitar—the same one that’s been smothering the sound of your piano at services. Electric guitars use magnetic transducers, or pickups, to perceive the vibration of strings for amplification. You don’t have to worry about a guitar’s pickups “hearing” the drums. We’ve been applying that principle to pianos for years. By installing the Helpinstill piano sensor over the strings of the piano, you can isolate the sound of those strings and send that signal into your church’s sound system. Even in close quarters, the sensor will only sense the piano strings—no other nearby instruments.

Amplify Your Church’s Piano Today

Helpinstill features piano sensors for every piano, with our grand piano mic alternatives offering real solutions. You’ll hear why the best way to mic a piano for a church service has nothing to do with microphones after all—and so will everyone in attendance.

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