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Grand Piano Pickup Systems


The Helpinstill Grand Piano Sensor is a truly unique pickup device that provides the best way to amplify a grand piano’s sound. The magnetic pickups cover the entire range of the piano keyboard to ensure each zone is isolated and produces a clear sound. Each unit is hand-crafted and features a set of brackets to provide easy placement. When you need to clearly amplify the unique tone of a grand piano, microphones just can’t reliably produce high-quality results. Instead, use a Helpinstill grand piano pickup system to hear every note played with total clarity. Whether you are a traveling artist, local church, or music venue, the Helpinstill grand piano pickup is a must-have piece of equipment.

Model 280 Balanced-Line Grand Piano Sensor
Model 280 Piano System

Choice Of Mixers for Model 280:

  • No Mixer (Direct to Channel Inputs)

  • With Powered Mixer

  • With Phantom-Powered Mixer

from $995