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Upright Piano Pickup Systems


Traveling artists, community churches, music halls, and musicians across the country use the Helpinstill upright piano pickup system to amplify their piano through various sound systems. Designed for easy installation, each pickup sensor has a magnetic strip that will easily attach to the piano’s cast-iron frame. The device comes with three separate sensors: one for each of the sections within an upright piano. When it comes to getting the brightest, clearest tone while amplifying an upright piano, microphones just can’t produce the same reliable results. For a feedback-free connection and enhanced low-end capability, grab a Helpinstill upright piano sensor to hear the clarity in each note you play.

Model 240 Balanced-Line Upright Piano Sensor
Model 240 Piano System

Choice Of Mixers for Model 240:

  • No Mixer (Direct to Channel Inputs)

  • With Powered Mixer

  • With Phantom-Powered Mixer

from $795