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Model 125


Model 125 Helpinstill Upright Piano Sensor

 Fits all vertical pianos: spinets, uprights, or console models with 88 notes. (A special model is also available for 64-note uprights - see below.) The pickup strips (Sensors) are thin, flexible magnetic strips, allowing them to be slipped in behind the strings, where they automatically stick very strongly to the cast-iron frame of the piano (the "plate") much like refrigerator note-holding magnets. Since all upright pianos have the keyboard range divided into three sections, three sensors provide coverage of every note. We have selected the lengths through years of experience to provide the best chance of complete coverage on whatever piano you might have. Plugging these into the control box then allows for fine-tuning the note volumes, and provides the two types of output connections you might need: XLR mic-level, or 1/4-inch instrument level. The lack of necessity of any brackets or other equipment allows the Model 125 for uprights to be cheaper than the Grand models, but they all work on the same principle. Of course, grand pianos sound different from uprights, and the Helpinstill Piano Sensor reflects that difference, so it can't make an upright sound like a grand, but it can give you a feedback-free connection to a sound system, and with the additional low-end capability, it can come close.  $445. 

The special model  for 64-note uprights (like the Melodigrand) is the same price. Model 125-S $445.

If you need to include the capability of including Grand pianos later, we can supply you with the additional equipment to upgrade to the Model 135 Combination system for the difference in price: $285.



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