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Model 300


Model 300 Grand & Upright Touring System (Two Complete Sensor Sets)

Model 300 Piano System

We combined the Model 280 Grand unit with a complete set of Model 240 Upright pickups to allow the touring keyboardist to be able to work with any kind of piano ever encountered on the road. Inspired by Charles Helpinstill (Ezra Charles)'s frequent festival trips to Europe: when faced with the various possibilities he might have to deal with, he put together this combination to handle anything out there, and also to take advantage of the latest developments in Helpinstill Sensors. The Upright Sensors with Balanced-Line, Humbucking construction and XLR connectors adds vertical pianos to the capabilities. Available in all three mixer combinations:

No Mixer

Our new Balanced-Line Sensors terminate in XLR-type connectors, making it easy to plug directly into three channels of a sound system or any mixer with mic inputs. Many acts are now using this method to interface directly into their monitor board or other setup. STEREO Configuration: Since the three Model 280 and Model 240 Sensors each terminate in XLR connectors, when used without the mixer the three direct channels of piano can not only be EQ'd individually, they can be panned L-C-R to broaden the perspective and create a credible illusion of stereo mic'ing. When used for recording, the three sections of the piano keyboard can be recorded on three separate tracks, and EQ'd and panned during mixdown. Comes with all the brackets and accessories necessary for installation.

With Standard Mixer

They can also be matched to our powered mixer that combines the signals from each region of the piano and produces a true line-level output. A headphone out on the mixer even permits the balancing of the element volumes with no external equipment. This means the piano pickup system can be perfectly adjusted before any other part of the sound system is even turned on. The mixer is powered by the usual a/c adapter, but may also be activated by optionally installing two 9 volt batteries for situations where 110 v./60 Hz. power may not be readily available. (Customers outside the U.S. will also be supplied with a 220 v. European-style power supply.)

With Phantom-Powered Mixer

For applications demanding the highest level of performance from studio-quality equipment, our phantom-powered mixer combines the signals from each region of the piano to produce a strong mic-level output. New low-noise, matched-FET circuitry produces the best signal-to-noise ratio possible, dramatically reducing background hiss by 7 dB over the Standard 280 mixer. The phantom-powered feature eliminates the need for a power line to the piano, very handy when travelling to different countries with different power plug configurations, and very convenient on stages where the piano is moved around. The new Gold Standard in Helpinstill systems.


Already on tour with Bob Malone (John Fogerty Band).

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