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Standard Mixer


Standard Mixer

Standard Mixer

The Series 200 Mixer is designed to match the outputs of the Model 280 and Model 240 Sensors. It is a simple way of combining the signals from the entire keyboard and mixing them at the piano. The output is a strong, line-level signal that is provided through an XLR connector on the back of the box. It also has a headphone jack on the front that allows the levels from the Sensors to be adjusted immediately after setting up the system, even before any House or monitors have been connected. This mixer uses an external "wall-wart" type power supply that requires 110 v. in the U.S. version; a 220 v.,U.K.-style supply is also supplied with all orders shipped out of the U.S. In case of a special situation, the mixer also can be powered by inserting two 9 v. batteries, which provides about a three-hour performance.



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